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Why a 3M Certified Installer?

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In the saturated market of graphic installation, vehicle wraps, and environmental applications, the consumer is left with many options to choose from. In order to separate the professional from the average installer there needs to be a standard set in place. This standard is set by becoming a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer.

3M requires all potential candidates submit pictures of previous work, proof he or she has been in business for a number of years, and that they are insured to protect consumer property. Additionally, an extensive list of references from the installers’ previous clients is required. If that wasn’t enough, an on-site interview is conducted, asking questions and grading the candidate based on answered they receive. A written and hands-on test is also conducted as part of the Preferred testing.

Vinyl graphic installers must prove that they are at the top in their field before becoming a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. This separates the good from bad. It means quality work is done right the first time that will last. How a wrap holds up over time makes all the difference. Anyone can display a photo of a new graphic installation, but the photo that matters most is the one a year later.

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