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Did You Know Big Picture Graphics Makes Banners?

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No matter what industry you are in, finding ways to promote your business goes on year-round. While you might think digital strategies are the only way to market yourself nowadays, offline promotional efforts never die. Part of this comes in using banners for numerous purposes.

It’s not always easy to find banners locally, as your options are usually limited to a specialty shop or buying them online. Those of you living in the Denver metro area can turn to Big Picture Graphics to find these banners without all the unnecessary research.

If you’re already familiar with our vehicle wraps, you know that our expertise includes a wide range of materials, including everything you need for branding and promotional campaigns.

Why We Offer Banners with Our Graphics

The benefit of banners is their visual prominence, letting you go big in your promotional graphics. Plus, graphics look outstanding on vinyl banners, since the surface material truly makes graphics pop when seen outdoors or indoors.

This could become a major advantage to you if you need to grab attention at an event with large format printing. This advertisement or promotional media is a trigger that jumps out to any consumers within eyesight.

Using Banners Outdoors

We offer various kinds of banners you can use for outdoor promotional purposes. For instance, bow banners, teardrop banners, and flag banners are all popular and made to withstand the elements. These come with easy mounting options so you can ensure your banners won’t blow over in a windstorm. You can print on both sides of the banner so any branded message gets exposed from every angle. Flag banners can be used along outdoor walkways leading to an indoor trade show. Or, you can place them along parking lot grounds to promote your brand before visitors go inside.

Using Pop-Up Banners for Outdoor or Indoor Use

A popular banner option is the pop-up banner. It’s very compact since it folds down into a lightweight base. These are very handy to store when you need to travel for a trade show. They also set up in seconds, by simply pulling the banner back out of the base stand.

You’ll find the pop-up banner extremely durable. With printing done on vinyl material, you won’t have to worry about creasing. Despite being more compact, they look large when you pull the banner out of the base. A product image looks very vibrant on the banner’s surface when printed in full digital color.

Prominently Displaying Your Brand’s Logo on a Banner

The image you use on banners determines how much attention you’re going to receive. All images look beautiful on these surfaces, but we can help you create a brand logo that truly shines. Creating a uniquely designed logo is essential to marketing. Placing it on a quality banner can help it stick in the minds of viewers who see it when walking by your trade show table. Because you can create other forms of banners, like pop-up canopies, gazebos, and even table throws, the creative possibilities are endless.

Although we are known for vehicle wraps, our banners inspire the same head-turning reactions. Strategic placement of your brand message on a banner guarantees piquing the curiosity of others to see who and what you are.

Interested to learn more about banners and the options that we can provide you? Contact us today for a FREE consultation or give us a call.

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