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How Your Paint Can Impact Your Vehicle Wrap – What to Know

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Vinyl vehicle wraps have long been used to protect a car or truck’s paint job, change the color, add graphic detailing, advertise a sponsor (in the case of a race car), or promote a business. These colorful wraps are becoming increasingly popular, but there are some misconceptions as to the best time to use a wrap and the best time to use paint to change your vehicle’s appearance. The best condition under which a wrap can be applied is when a vehicle has a new or high-quality paint job. The paint should be healthy, have a strong clear coat, no deep scratches, dents, rust, corrosion, or other texture roughness. Top quality vehicle wraps can help extend the life of a good paint job by protecting your vehicle from exposure to the elements and road hazards like chemicals, rocks, and other debris.

Vehicle wraps can improve your car’s aesthetic, but they are not a solution for a bad paint job, as any imperfections in your vehicle’s paint will be visible through the wrap, especially if these defects have affected the texture of the paint. Weaknesses in a vehicle’s paint can also affect the adhesion of a vinyl wrap, compromising the integrity of the project. A quality vehicle wrap requires a good paint job to start with, and installation should be done by an experienced professional installer with a good reputation, as a flawless wrap installation requires a highly skilled technician.

When considering a partial or full wrap, it is important to know what the wrap is made of, as the materials used will impact the visual quality as well as the durability of the wrap, and how it affects your vehicle’s paint. At Big Picture Graphics, we design and install beautiful graphic wraps on all types of vehicles for all types of businesses using high quality 3M graphics for our vehicle wraps. We recommend using cleaning products designed specifically for car care to help keep your vehicle graphics looking their best.

Vinyl vehicle wraps allow you to change the color or other aspects of the appearance of your car, and unlike repainting your vehicle, a wrap can be removed if you wish to return the car to its original appearance or make another design change, such as when racing team sponsors change, or a business changes its logo, phone number, or other aspect of its brand message. Vinyl wraps are not just limited to application on cars and trucks, and partial wraps are available as well as full wraps. Motorcycles, ATVs, panel trucks, RVs, food trucks, vans, buses, trailers, boats, tractors, even 18 wheelers can all be partially or fully wrapped.

When your advertising goal is to reach a broader customer base with your brand message, Big Picture Graphics can help convey your unique brand message to more potential customers much more efficiently and cost effectively than traditional advertising methods, whether you wrap a single company vehicle or have an entire fleet of cars and trucks covered with vinyl wraps. Colorful, eye-catching vinyl vehicle wraps help your brand message become highly visible by putting it before thousands of drivers and passengers every time your vehicle hits the road.

If you have a company car, truck, SUV, fleet, or something else that you would like to have professionally wrapped, give us a call today at (720) 881-3988, drop us an email at info@bigpicturegraphics.com with any questions you have, or contact us for a free quote. Our friendly team of vehicle wrap design and installation experts will explain all available options and help determine the best way to meet your vinyl graphic needs.

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