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Three Phases to Vehicle Wraps

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Successful advertising results, as well as an impactful design, help build your company’s marketing goals. Wrapping a vehicle can achieve this success, but takes very skilled professionals performing a series of steps to make this happen.


This is the longest piece of the process. The pressure to demand attention from hundreds of thousands of prospective clients in seconds, warrants this phase to be given the most time. It is too important to miss out on getting this right the first time. Done successfully, the design phase goes a long way to help build brand awareness.


Designs, created at 1/20th scale on the computer, are sent to clients for approval before moving onto this next phase – Production. The approved artwork is then printed on 3M (typically) vinyl and laminated. The adhesive is pressure and heat sensitive which means the vinyl can be moved and adjusted on the vehicle until the proper pressure and heat is applied. Since the full scale of the graphics are so big, it is not possible to print on one large piece of vinyl, thus the vinyl is outputted in rolls and in separate sections – also making it easier for the next phase… Application.


This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s now time to apply the graphics to the vehicle. Here’s where contracting certified professionals can make a difference. Ensuring the graphics are properly applied to the vehicle, around difficult edges, inside door handles, lights, etc… can mean the difference from months to years on your investment. If windows are being covered, a perforated vinyl is used and then laminated to help keep dirt out of the perforations. This allows you to see out of the vehicle from the inside even when the design may prevent someone from seeing into the vehicle. (note: by law perforated vinyl cannot be applied to the front windshield, driver and passenger side windows).

A typical vehicle wrap installation can take 7-9 hours or longer, depending on the size of the vehicle. It is not uncommon to take 2-3 days to complete a full wrap. The installation is completed indoors requiring the vehicle to typically be left at the installation premises. If the client has a vehicle bay, the installation can be completed at their location.

From the Design to the Application, a group of talented and skilled individuals team up to transform your vehicle into a visually impactful advertising medium. Big Picture Graphics is proud to offer such a team. From our initial Free Consultation, to delivery, we strive to exceed your goals and expectations.

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