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Protect Against Harsh Winters with Clear Bras

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Winter is here, and with the colder temperatures and harsh weather conditions, road hazards such as rocks, road debris, and other road particles can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s paint job. The front portion of your car tends to be subjected to the most damage, especially the grill, front bumper, and hood, which can all be protected by applying a Clear Bra to your vehicle.

A Clear Bra is basically a protective wrap or clear protective film for areas of your car’s paint job that are prone to damage. These include the lower fascia, rocker panels, side mirrors, and any surface facing directly toward the front and/or bottom of the car.

The main purpose for a Clear Bra is to protect your car from road debris that might otherwise leave an unsightly scratch or chip in your paint job. Clear Bra also offers protection from any damage resulting from other drivers who park too close to your car and cause damage to your paint job by hitting your car with their own car door, shopping cart, or other object that scratches or mars your paint job. A Clear Bra can also help prevent the inevitable rusting that occurs to your vehicle as a result of scratches, chips, and dings to the paint job.

Applying a Clear Bra can provide protection to the hood, fenders, mirrors, full front bumper, rocker panels, rear trunk, headlights, and much more. Acquiring the protection afforded by a Clear Bra is a sensible investment for your personal or business vehicle. It offers long-term protection for those damage-prone areas, protects and prolongs the life of your vehicle’s paint job, and improves your car’s resale value by keeping the paint looking like your car just rolled off the lot.

Think Big! Call Big Picture Graphics today at (720) 881-3988 and protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Our skilled technicians will install a Clear Bra over the vulnerable areas on your vehicle, protecting its paint job for years to come. When we do the work, you can be assured you are getting the best quality Clear Bra installed by trained professionals who do this every day.

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