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How Long Do Car Wraps Last?

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If you are considering a vehicle wrap for your company car, or a fleet of company vehicles, you may be wondering how long you can expect these wraps to last. As stated in our post on 5 Reasons A Car Wrap is Great for Business, car wraps typically last from three to five years, although we have seen some last several years longer. The life of your vehicle wrap depends on several factors, but a wrap that is properly applied by a professional team like the skilled technicians at Big Picture Graphics, and properly cared for by your fleet manager, can last much longer.

Professional car wraps are comprised of heavy duty vinyl material, and feature your company’s brand message, logo, and usually include some company contact information like phone number, address, social media information, and/or website address. They can be simple black and white with very little color, or feature full color, eye catching graphics.

Car wraps are applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle and with proper installation by an expert team, will not cause damage to the car’s paint job. When you are ready to remove the wrap, you should again seek the services of a professional vehicle wrap expert like Big Picture Graphics to handle the job correctly and ensure no damage occurs to the car’s original paint job.

An unpainted or simply primed surface does not allow for proper adhesion and can lead to lifting and ultimate failure of the vehicle wrap. Taking care of your vehicle wrap properly is not difficult. It starts with keeping the car’s surface clean, so frequent hand washing is recommended to rid the surface of anything that might cause damage, such as road grime. While thinner film does not offer your vehicle’s paint job much protection, there are thick wraps which can add a layer of protection against the elements. Our team will consult with you prior to any application to ensure you get the level of protection you desire for your vehicles.

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