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The Advantages of Wrapping Your Fleet

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If you knew you could reach more than 95% of people who are out and about on any given day and tell them about your business, how much would that be worth to you as a business owner? It’s kind of hard to put a price on that sort of exposure, isn’t it?

Of that 95% of people reached with your message, 75% of them indicated that they would make their buying decisions based specifically on your advertising. Have I got your attention yet?

Are you wondering what this miraculously effective form of advertising is, exactly? You may be surprised when I tell you that it is car wraps and truck wraps. That’s right. Those colorful mobile billboards you have no doubt seen on the road as you drive around town are one of the most impactful forms of advertising around.

When it comes to truck wraps, Denver area businesses use the services of the experts at Big Picture Graphics in Sedalia. Unlike other forms of media that can cost thousands of dollars before you ever see a return on your investment, individual truck wraps as well as entire fleet wraps work for you 24/7, whenever one of your vehicles is on the road. They even work when no one is driving, if your fleet vehicle is parked in a high traffic area where it will be seen by passersby’s.

One of the many advantages of wrapping your fleet with your business name, logo, and unique message is that instead of a static, immovable sign that a person must drive by, when you wrap your fleet, your message can travel anywhere you like! You can employ targeted marketing in any part of your city, county, or state in a way that is proven to get results.

Vehicle wraps not only reach drivers, they also reach passengers. You’ll never look at a traffic jam the same way if you are driving a fleet vehicle sporting a custom made car or truck wrap from Big Picture Graphics.

Think Big! Call us today at (720) 881-3988 and start taking advantage of the opportunity to reach more than 95% of Americans with your brand message.

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