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What is Digital Signage? How Big Picture Graphics Can Help

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Perhaps you’ve upgraded your business to digital technologies over the last few years, but you are still debating on something like digital signage. If you’re still new to digital signage, you’re missing out on one of the most effective marketing technologies available. In many cases, it can rival the marketing you do online.

The subject of digital signage is a vast one, so it pays to learn a little about it before buying. Read on to learn what the technology is, how it works, and the various uses by companies big and small. Big Picture Graphics is available to help you make a smart digital sign decision.

Defining Digital Signage

A digital sign is already ubiquitous, as we see them every day. You’re already seeing digital billboards in all towns and cities. Sometimes you see them on street corners in different technological forms. It’s also becoming more prevalent inside stores, particularly retail.

These signs use LCD, LED, or projection technologies, giving the ability to create a marketing message using high-definition animations or video. You’ll find a lot of them being used for wayfinding, exhibitions, or for just general marketing.

Digital sign components, though, are quite complex and involve various processes of IT. Nevertheless, when properly managed, it makes marketing an easier process, particularly in providing real-time messages.

What Technological Components Do You Need With a Digital Sign?

The hardware involved is mostly high-definition screens. However, the definition of a screen is more wide open with various technological options. For instance, some signs are interactive, including touchscreen technology. Other times it’s not just video, but instead a screen displaying graphics or text to provide information about an event or product.

You’re going to need software to make the content perform well. In many cases, it involves using the cloud to store data safely and use it at will in your messaging. The cloud even allows you to control your messaging remotely from mobile devices.

Connectivity is going to matter as well, and Big Picture Graphics guarantees a superior content management system. You’ll be given choices on how you want to connect, including WiFi or mobile.

Where to Use Your Digital Signage

Some businesses think because it’s a digital sign, you don’t dare use it outdoors without exposure to the elements. Many are built now to withstand the weather so you can use them for outdoor advertising.

In other cases, you don’t have to worry about a physical screen. Proof of this is in unique water screens where you project digital images on the surface of a pool or other water surface. It’s a standout digital sign BPG can easily install for you.

The above technology just shows you how far-ranging digital signage is and where it’s used. No matter if you use LED screens, holographic effects, or projections, it’s usable in any outdoor or indoor space. When you have a critical message to convey, it’s hard to miss.

Interfaces for Customer Awareness

What’s most important with digital signage is the reaction from customers. How do you know about their reactions if you have no way to monitor their behavior? What about ways to monitor weather or other factors?

Big Picture Graphics integrates cameras and sensor technology with your digital signs so you can monitor outside situations you can’t ordinarily see. By doing so, you have complete control over the management of your digital systems.

Undeniably, the real-time element adds another appealing layer to digital signs. Based on trending news, visitor behavior, or other outside situations, you can make your message more relevant rather than waiting days to make a change.

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