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How Effective is Vehicle Advertising?

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If you’re looking for return on investment, when compared to traditional advertising (television, radio, print) there’s almost no comparison to vehicle advertising. Marketers are looking for data, and we’ve put together some statistics supported by Cox Media, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, and Arbitron.

Cost per Thousand Impressions:
Television = $23.70
Magazine = $21.46
Newspaper = $19.70
Radio = $7.75
Outdoor Signage = $3.56

Effectiveness of Vehicle Wraps:
47% of 18-34 year olds surveyed found car wraps especially memorable. (Cox Communications)
95% of Americans are reached by media targeted vehicle drivers and passengers (OAAA)
Its estimated that ONE wrapped vehicle will net
30K – 80K mobile impressions per day

By providing a unique phone number only used on the wrapped vehicle(s), making sure all information is clear and easy to read, offering a special discount number, and creating a special landing page on your website for viewers to go to from the vehicle wrap all help increase the effectiveness and maximize your return. Studies have shown that vehicle wrap advertising for a fleet is the most cost effective way to reach your audience and gain leads.

(sources: Cox Media/Eagle Research Study 2008; Outdoor Advertising Association of America; Arbitron Study 2010)

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