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Digital Signage: Take Engagement to Another Level

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Taking advantage of the flexibility offered by digital signage with advances in audio-video technology and integrating dynamic content, companies look to this new medium to step up their customer engagement with a more focused marketing message.

Digital Signage enables users to make rapid messaging changes to an audience, more frequently. An obvious benefit is a reduction and/or elimination of printing expenses every time a message needs to change – not to mention the environmentally friendly posting of that message.

Additionally, with the ability to change messaging and rotate messaging, content can be more finely targeted based on audience demographics. Examples can be seen at entertainment venues where several different types of performances are promoted through a single sign – appealing to several different audiences. This ability to leverage limited advertising space has catapulted digital signage to the top of outdoor of environmental signage options. Rotating messaging becomes even more valuable to companies with spatial limitations.

Because digital signage is a much more dynamic, multimedia communication channel, it has proven a very effective method in harnessing an audience’s comfort level, which creates a more engaging experience. Today’s audience has become accustomed to forms of media other than print material, such as the internet or mobile TV viewing.

Let’s not forget one more benefit to entering the digital signage world… Revenue Generation. Many companies see the value in wall space limitations and become the outlet for other businesses to promote in this space. Solving the spatial limitations can also allow for one sign to become a messaging outlet for multiple businesses. This can obviously help the sign owner generate even more revenue and pay for the sign itself.

If you’ve ever walked past a television or digital sign in a public setting, you know from personal experience that it’s hard to resist looking at the screen. Digital Signage is more eye-catching and memorable than static media. For more information on how Big Picture Graphics can help you enter the Digital Sign realm, Call: (720) 881-3988 or email us at info@bigpicturegraphics.com.

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